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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hello everyone! I got such great feedback with my first story, I had to share another one on here. I’m so glad so many fo you could relate to the summer nights I had as a kid. Today’s story is about thunderstorms.

I love rainstorms. The loud clap of thunder, torrential rain, wet shoes. When the clouds roll in, I get filled with this giddy expectation, like something wonderful is around the corner. When it rains in Kolkata, it feels like the sky never wants to stop. The roads get filled with water, almost up to our waist, with the rain still thrashing, it feels magical.

When one of these thunderstorms hit our city, it rains all night long, the winds howling like wolves and the rain pellets hitting our windows like stone. And if we’re lucky, we wake up to it still raining, we know it’s going to be a good one. The best thing that happens though, is school getting cancelled for the day. Bubbly is always the first one to call me, as soon as I pick up, we simultaneously say “it’s happening”. We go on to calling the rest of the gang, with an extra little push to Vidz as she has to be dragged out of bed. So off we go, our little crew, dressed in our worst but feeling our best.

As soon as we hit the ground floor, we’re off running into the rain. The water aren’t puddles at this stage, just a natural swimming pool that feels like it was made just for us. We swim around for a bit, just enjoying the sensation of the water hitting our faces. Bubbly and I dance in the rain, the thunder our music. Vidz just brings her swimming tube and stays in water floating around. Chintu is always up to no good. Planning pranks even though he can hardly stand in the waist deep water. Kushal is usually helping Chintu with his pranks. And Dev, he’s always busy with his paper boats. We have boat races with our paper boats, making them with care and precision, and releasing them into the water to see which one will reach the finish line first. It’s serious business you see, as the winner gets to have bragging rights for at least a year.

Once we’ve had our fill with the water, or our parents start to shout our names form the windows above, we trudge out of the water and back to our houses to shower. After which follows a piping hot scrumptious breakfast of poha and milk. A long nap follows as the skies are still dark, the clouds still full and the rain still falling.

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