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Games night

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We’ve all grown up playing games with friends and family. Today’s post is about the times we played without any worries in our lives. The only problems we worried about was the monopoly money that was being taken from us.

Playing games isn’t actually just about fun, it is serious business in our squad. We play a LOT of games, outdoors, indoors and even computer games. And with each game, our competitive spirit gets stronger and stronger.

When we play cricket downstairs, we get divided into two teams. The captains have the privilege of choosing their team. The one that wins the coin toss, gets to choose if they will bat or bowl first. Batting is the more fun part of the game, so the team that wins usually goes with that. We start the game in full swing, hitting the ball everywhere, making as many runs as possible. During these powerful hits, sometimes, the ball hits a tube light that sits in the outdoor garage. As soon as it breaks, we all stare at each other for a second. We hear the old lady on the first floor start to shout and then, we run. All of us dash to one of our houses, like the devil is at our feet, pushing each other into the elevator as quick as possible.

Once we’re safely inside, we take a big sign of relief. Looking at each other, we slowly start to laugh as the last 5 minutes catches up to us. Not in any mood to stop playing, we bring out the board games. The six of us sit around in a big circle, with the board games stacked in the middle. It usually takes us 15 minutes to decide what to play as we all argue, wanting to play different games. Dev usually wants to play monopoly, Chintu Kushal want to play ludo, Bubbly would want to have a tea party and Vidz would just go with the flow. The deciding vote would be mine, and since I always did what Dev wanted to do, I opted for monopoly. We’d start fine, all calm and collected. However, as the game progressed further, we’d all be shouting accusations of cheating across each other, not believing the luck that one person always seemed to have on that day. It was never the same person, but it was always just one on that particular day. Funny how that worked. The fight would get so heated, someone was bound to walk off in anger and leave the game stranded.

All of us would pause to look at each other in bafflement, then start laughing our hearts out. These games were our lives. They were everything to me, to us. And like I mentioned, it wasn’t just fun and games, it was serious business.

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