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Summer Nights

Hello there! This is my first post on here. And it being my first post, I would like to talk about my colourful childhood with you’ll.

Growing up in India is similar to growing up in a large family consisting of family, friends , animals, aunts and uncles and a whole lot of chaos. Every day is a different adventure filled with laughter, games, dirt, a bit of tears and lots of food. This story is about a group of kids that grow up in such an environment in their apartment building. The group includes Dev, the oldest, who loves to play all sorts of games with the gang like cricket, football, hide and seek and even tag. He is the unofficial leader of this little group, walking around with the swag of a rockstar. The second member is Chintu, who doesn’t say anything but loves to play pranks on everyone. Vidz, short for Vidhi, is the lazy one, who has to be woken up daily from her afternoon naps to come play. Bubbly is the one who never stops talking, she’s always on, just like a radio. The sixth member is Kushal, the youngest and cheekiest of the lot, who usually gets away with everything because he escapes like a tiny little rat. The last member is Devika, Dev’a younger sister who follows him around like her life depends on it, wanting to do everything he does and be just like him.

We lived in a city called Kolkata, that is part of the east side of India. It gets as hot as hades in the summer. Those June nights with the barest of winds, power cuts with no AC or even fans or lights and mosquitoes that won’t quit sucking your sweet sweet blood. However, on the rarest of nights when the winds would start blowing with an incoming storm, but the skies still absent of clouds, we would all sneak out of our beds and go up to the terrace. I’m pretty sure our parents knew exactly where we were, but we still liked to think it was a secret amongst us. We’d carry our blankets, pillows and drag some chairs from the nearby store room. Chintu always brought his telescope, looking for stars in the clear night sky. Dev always brought the pack of cards and a whole bunch of ghost stories to tell us all night. And I, well I had the most important job, because I brought the snacks.

We would set up the chairs and blankets into a nice little fort of ours. Huddling into a circle with the moon giving us light and one torch that Dev would use for special effects during his story time. He would tell the story with such eery calm, pausing at all the right moments and jumping at the scary parts. Chintu would never join us, content in his star gazing. Kushal, the youngest, would be scared out of his mind, holding on to bubbly or me. Vidz would be the last one to get scared, only engrossed in the story.

After a few rounds of ghost stories would end, we’d end up playing a round of cards just to distract our minds from the ghosts and monsters of the stories. One by one the soldiers would go down, starting with Kushal. He’d be snuggled into the blanket next to us. And slowly, we’d all go to sleep under the clear deep blue sky, with the wind blowing around us. Those summer nights I will never forget.

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